Tristram Shandy (the graphic novel) – Martin Rowson

So after taking a year to read Tristram Shandy, I read Martin Rowson’s graphic version of it. In about 45 minutes. I’m glad I resisted the temptation to read the graphic version before I finished the Sterne original. Rowson does a damn good job and, somewhat gratifyingly, in condensing the book enormously, he excises most of the parts I considered pretty pointless (like the French travelogue sequence, for example). As an aide memoire of the bits of the plot I read back in Jan 07, it’s very handy. I’m not normally a Rowson fan (he’s a cartoonist for the Guardian), but I’m impressed by the way he captures the feel of the book. Not a mean feat. I think my next task is to go back and re-watch A Cock and Bull Story.


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