Many Worlds Theory

Two questions:

(1) If this is correct, what’s the theological (Catholic) stance? When the universe splits, presumably God, remaining outside the multiverse, doesn’t, but what happens to the souls of the populace? Can they split?

(2) If two quantum events happen in the same planck time, does the universe split once or twice in that planck time? Is it statistically possible that it will happen? Planck time is very short (1.8E-43 seconds) but there are a lot of particles in the universe (1E69, say, ignoring the “qnantum soup”). I don’t know enough physics to even think about how to begin answering this questions.

Also: the many worlds theory does cause a problem for time travel (backwards). If backwards time travel were possible, then if I decided to send something back in time, a multitude of “me”s in the multiverse would doubtless have made a decision to send the same thing back in time to the same temporo-spatial co-ordinates. However, because the universe will have split innumerable times since the time of the destination, then there will be a vast number of “me”s all sending stuff back in time to the same temporo-spatial co-ordinates, in the same universe. And since only one object can occupy one space at the same time……BOOM! Of course, you may posit that somehow all the objects merge into one. Which may work somehow if they are all the same object, sent to identical co-ordinates, with an identical orientation. But if some of the “me”s decide to send back a teapot, and some of the “me”s decide to send back a bowl of petunias…..or alternatively, even if sticking with teapots, how about even if I send them back in slightly different orientations?

Incidentally – why teapots? Cabbages and teapots always seem to feature in this sort of speculation. I blame Lewis Carroll and Bertrand Russell. And of course Douglas Adams for the bowl of petunias.


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